About Us

Psypathy  is a social network which is dedicated to people working in the field of behavioural health science, persons seeking support in this domain and institutions providing education and healthcare support in the field of Psychology.

It gives a platform to doctors, psychologists, students and people interested in this field of knowledge where they can showcase their portfolios, communicate with others for any specific purpose, expand their personal and professional networks and seek support from their network.

Psypathy focuses on group communication. Users can create their own space for communication with others for a specific purpose or topic or join an existing group to participate in dialogues to expand their ideas.

It’s an excellent platform for people who are undergoing any psychological disturbance be it minor, moderate or critical, as it helps them to find and stay connected with people who can support and care about them. People can ask and answer questions about relevant topics and categories.

Users can join the platform as viewers or broadcasters of information in this field. If you’re a viewer, you get access to lots of information on academics, researches, news and available facilities around the world.

Professionals can share their expertise, academic research and get their blogs posted that reside on the platform.

Students can get an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the field and further explore their areas of interest. They can also find information about the institutes providing various kind of courses in the field of Psychiatry &Psychology.

This platform supports communication with classmates for their ongoing activities and also to stay connected with ex-classmates and school/ college or workplace alumni.