Normalize talking about Mental Health

Normalize talking about Mental Health

What is your thought about normalizing talking about mental health? Are you comfortable talking about mental health today? A lot of people have stigma and still feel awkward talking about mental health normally. Psypathy is bridging the gap between people wanting to talk about their issues and community to help create a healthy social network of dedicated individuals. Psypathy allow users to spread awareness and work towards building support system in the field of psychology and Mental wellness.

Stigma of talking about Mental Health

Mental health! You know, whenever people listen to this term, it pulls a trigger in their minds. But, why is it so? Everybody knows that the brain is a vital organ to every living being. If anything is wrong with it then why should people feel embarrassed to talk about it?

Why so much stigma? Isn’t mental well-being our top priority? Death or to be precise suicide is the ultimate and terrible outcome of the stigma people have created unnecessarily. Moreover, people suffer in silence for years before finally losing their breath. No human deserves to live and die like this. We need strong mental health care around the world.

A study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 1 in 5 people suffer from mental health disorders every year. In simple terms, you or someone from your family, friends or colleagues is prone to this disease. Isn’t it terrible data? It’s high time; we should normalize mental health talks.

Some of the Tips for Normalizing talking of Mental Health

Let us go through few ways of caring for mental health and reap its benefits:

Honor your emotions as normal

You know, whenever people go through extreme feelings, they feel something is abnormal about it. This is the root cause of maximum damage. When you don’t accept that your feelings are normal, how can you expect to feel normal about it? Your emotions are as normal as someone suffering from headache or stomach pain.

Talk about your emotion

When you accept that your emotions are normal then you’re in a better mental space to talk about your emotions and health. Therefore, feel free to talk about it. Find someone whom you trust. If needed, consult a psychologist. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a part of self-love! Note that bottling up negative emotions silently can severely impact your immune system and your overall holistic growth. So, talk normal about it before the bubble of negative emotions bursts and does the maximum damage! 

Plan a proper routine

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the cases of mental illness have surged. We feel, not following a proper routine is a big cause for the increasing mental diseases. By routine, we mean proper diet, healthy sleep, and physical activity. Everything collectively contributes to maintaining a healthy mind. We know, in current times, it is difficult to go out for exercise. But, you can exercise in your home as well and walk on the terrace for fresh air. Trust us, it helps a lot!

Limit the use of social media

If you don’t handle social media wisely, it can turn out to be very depressing. There is ton of negative information on the internet. While spending so much time online, it is possible to get carried away by the news. But, don’t believe in everything you see on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp before verifying. It can create huge damage to your mental peace. If needed, cut off from social media for a few days. Try to inculcate new habits such as reading or listening to songs or gardening. It can work as a great mood buster. Plus, it will keep you away from unnecessary negativity.

Connect to real people

The Internet has numerous advantages. But, somewhere the internet is responsible for the communication barrier. Even among a group of five or six people, it is often seen that most of the people are glued to their screen. Indirectly, it has led to isolation, loneliness, and sometimes depression as well. Humans are social animals. We have an innate desire to connect with people. That is why we are looking for connections virtually in the first place. Cherish people who are there for you and around you like family and friends. If you can’t then get on a video call with them. It helps a lot to boost your mood. Make sure, whenever you are around people, you will not use a screen unless necessary. It may not sound like a big deal now. But, when you actually practice it, you will notice the positive changes in your mood.

At last, we understand that opening up about your feelings can be difficult sometimes. But, times have changed now. Mental health care providers on are available at one click. All you need is to take the first step from your side. Connect to the community and talk about your mental health. Get rid of your stigma and experience the beautiful change in your life.

So, will you take the first step? Do you know someone struggling with social stigma and who can benefit from mental health help in normalize talking ? Invite them here. You can open up in the comment section also.

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