Social Network for Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness & Social Network Platform

In these times of uncertainty, serious public health challenges like mental ill-health and emotional issues have become a global problem today. Lack of mental health awareness is adding more difficulties in managing these issues. Individuals may face severe impacts throughout their life on account of negligence of their mental health issues. While, at the moment, we are facing a peak in these overwhelming issues in the mental health domain. Social network platforms for mental health awareness can have significant role to play because these are very powerful tools for social and mass media communication in this digital world.

The mental health scenario has degraded since the outbreak of COVID-19. People are more stressed and anxious since this pandemic outbreak. A rise in consensus among young Indians about mental health issues and effective treatment are cropping all across the nation. With the help of technological advancement, creating awareness is the utmost priority for top mental health startups in India. Virtual or on-demand mental health counselling in India will improve the landscape to share stories, information and build a strong network for mental wellness and healthcare engagement. People can reach out to psychologists and other professionals in this domain with easy access to online counselling.

Importance of Social Network Platform

The first step towards change is always TALKING. Until and unless we as a society work on a network for our collective minds and are ready to make conscious efforts to bring such matters into our conversations, change will be a far-fetched goal. Mental health professionals and enthusiasts do share very relevant information and knowledge-based articles on such platforms. These are not limited about the mental health, various disorders and their impact on the life of sufferers but are also for preventive mental heath care and better wellness for everyone. As a results, awareness about mental health will no longer be a concern.

Engaging with community and regular conversation with mental health professionals shall be a part of primary health care for any individual to change the mental health landscape. These regular practices will help bringing many positive changes in the status of our mental health sector.

Few benefits are listed below:-

  • Combat the stigma
  • Feel of belonging
  • Access to mental health help for everyone
  • Improved mental care and support infrastructure
  • Reduction in suicidal rates
  • Creating an empowered society

Use of social network platforms to improve mental health awareness

As we talk about our physical problems and aches before making an appointment with the physician. In the same way, it is important to discuss stress, anxiety, restlessness, depression, sadness and other negative emotions before seeking help. This will help us to be actively aware of our mental health state and take steps to connect online or in-person and engage in counselling with mental health professionals.

We all spend hours scrolling through social media in the name of networking. How about spending some time grasping valuable content and addressing issues that matter to normalize talking about mental health? Create peer support groups through the platform to connect with other professionals and people who can relate to their experiences and challenges. By inculcating habits to discuss mental health in our everyday life, it can take care of your mental well-being. Be vocal about it, educate others about it and break down the stigma attached to it.

Finally, we all deserve a happy and fulfilling life. So, talk about the matters of the mind and be an agent of change and empowerment.

Let’s accept the fact that, living in a pandemic, in our cosy homes, our kids, youth and senior citizens devote at least 1-3 hours daily on social media websites. Why not use it to engage in well-being conversations rather than getting driven by trivia, news, and other related content?

Psypathy – Social Network Platform

Psypathy is an initiative to allow users to talk about mental health care and gain awareness. Using the platform, they can also find the best consultant who can provide relief for their mental health related issues.

It is a social network for professionals in the field of psychology and individuals seeking psychological help and support. Institutions providing education and healthcare support like hospitals and clinics are also integral part of the community. Our vision is to empower entire community to have open discussions around mental health and leverage each other. Comment below your views on this kind of social network and how you’d like to engage with it?

Let’s connect on a digital platform to improve our knowledge and enhance our universal life experience.

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