Mental Health Domain in India – Explore the Potential

Mental health is a grave concern as the number of people impacted by mental illness are increasing rapidly. Let’s now explore the Mental Health Domain in India.

Can we all accept the fact that the Mental Health domain is yet to be established as matured vertical like the physical health sector is?

We regularly come across plentiful posts being circulated on various social media platforms by Mental Health Professionals.

Some of the topics are listed below:

  • Job opportunities are very limited or Hardly any

  • Mental Health Professionals are under-paid

  • Internships are not paid rather students are not getting adequate opportunities to pursue their practical internships.

  • Stigma associated with Mental health causing many patients do not reach MHPs for their issues.

  • In most of the cases patients do not continue their treatment as required – patients find it long drawn process and expensive.

  • It is estimated that more than 15% of population are suffering with some or other kind of mental illness in India
  • Survey and research data reveals that MHPs in India are much lesser than to standards as prescribed for developing countries. Psychiatrists are needed approx. 3 times more whereas qualified Psychologists, Psychiatric nurses and Psychiatric social workers approx. 20 to 30 times more.

  • A large proportion of people with Mental Health issues do not receive treatment and this could be more than 70% as estimated.

Some of the points contradict each other and hence all above cannot co-exists hypothetically especially considering the last three points, but as a matter of fact, all persist on the ground.

Check here for list of institutes providing RCI Approved M Phil – Clinical Psychology Course:

After co-relating these, we can derive another set of understanding which is:

  • Mental Health/ Psychology as a domain has vast potential for many years from now, undoubtedly
  • There is no scenario of stiff competition prevails and hence MHPs can collaborate and work closely for taking this domain forward to next heights
  • Patients/ Family members have their own series of challenges in addition to illness and need equal attention too.

It is time to join together to find the solution which should not be difficult as all the data points are in support of enormous potential in the Mental Health Domain in India

Share your thoughts and the possible inputs with action points that can be bundled to formulate the desired solution.

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